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About Us

In the global electronic industry, our company, Milerd Electronics, is recognized as a rapidly expanding manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of technically advanced goods. We first initiated our business operations in the year 2010, and since then, have been presenting a comprehensive array of electronic products to a variety of customers. DZR-3 Pro Closed Type UV Recirculator, DZR-8 Closed Type Waterproof UV Recirculator, DZR Drive-2 Closed Type Car UV Recirculator, DZR-13 Disinfectant of Air Conditioner, DZR-1 UV Closed Type Recirculator and a range of additional products can be availed from us, all of which are produced using the highest quality raw materials. In addition, each of our manufactured batch is thoroughly tested to ensure it matches our top quality criteria. 

History Of The Company

Following is the history of our company:

  • Back in the year of 2010, our company was established. Since our incorporation, we have brought together world-class engineers to create consumer and professional electronics for local and European firms. We have created and serialized over 80 types of diverse devices, including measurement equipment, domestic consumer goods, and medical equipment. Our products are now offered in over 50 countries across the world. 
  • Milerd, the brand under which we merged our own production, was created in 2015. We have successfully occupied large market shares for sterilizing and disinfection equipment over the course of these years.  We created numerous new and unrivalled air purifying products at the same time as the business grew. Wearable air purifiers are one example.
  • Milerd Electronics is now a prominent local manufacturer of air disinfection and sterilizing equipment. Many commercial and government institutions are housed in our partitions, including the GUM and TSUM shopping malls in Moscow, DLT in St. Petersburg, Sberbank and Tele2 offices, Gazprom, Lukoil, and Transneft Offices, Russian Railways stations, and so much more. Our goods are sold in over 20 countries worldwide, including the United States, Spain, Germany and Poland.
  • We develop the whole product life cycle, from design and manufacturing through electrical devices, interfaces, and software. The rights of our products are protected by domestic as well as international patents.
  • Milerd is a trademark that has been registered. Moreover, only with the consent of the copyright holder may the trademark and logo be used.

Customer Satisfaction

Throughout our long period of existence, we have always opted to focus our efforts on satisfying the needs of the customers. To ensure client happiness, we begin by listening carefully and understanding their requirements, after which we select the finest possible solutions. Every client who has been linked with us has appreciated not only our product range including DZR Drive-2 Closed Type Car UV Recirculator, DZR-1 UV Closed Type Recirculator, DZR-3 Pro Closed Type UV Recirculator, DZR-8 Closed Type Waterproof UV Recirculator, DZR-13 Disinfectant of Air Conditioner, etc., but also our moralistic ways of conducting business with them.